Nanoparticle Formulation Development

MicroConstants has acquired access to a new nanosizing technology that transforms water insoluble compounds into nanoparticles, making formulation preparation and dosing for toxicology studies easier. In multiple cases, our method has been proven to increase the gastro-intestinal absorption of highly insoluble compounds ensuring maximal oral exposure for your toxicology study.

Benefits of Nanosizing

Nanotechnologies have been proven as a valuable adjunct to the development of new therapeutics. Nanoparticles (regardless of the nanotechnology used to produce them) provide a much larger surface area thereby increasing the dissolution rate resulting in enhanced absorption.

Some of the benefits achieved by nanosizing include:

  • Faster dissolution
  • Improved drug loading
  • Improved exposure and bioavailability (higher Cmax, greater AUC)
  • Faster onset (earlier Tmax)
  • Reduced formulation development time
  • Minimized food/fasted effect

MicroConstants' Nanosizing Process Advantages

The patented, proprietary nanosizing process used at MicroConstants does not involve water or mechanical shear making it faster and more efficient than aqueous-based technologies. Furthermore, we typically do not require the addition of excipients, leaving the pure Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) ready for easy dispersion as a convenient suspension formulation. Our cost effective technique provides higher dose loading (50-60 percent) and is amendable to all routes of extravascular administration. The particle size is reproducible and the process is completely scalable.